Nano-Stabilization is a mixture of natural salts and minerals which when added to fine-grain soil, along with cement, produces a reaction resulting in a finished product which exhibits extremely beneficial mechanical and physical properties.




Foundation/Stabilisation/Immobilisation :


Within Reboost Energy there is a lot of knowledge and experience in civil works. In our role as advisor on above mentioned areas we have chosen to work with and to advise about the best additive product available. This additive with an proven track record, and accepted as proven technology, makes it possible:

  • To construct, with the addition of Portland cement or similar, a long-lasting and high quality ,durable construction of the local soil material or old foundation material. No excavation or exchange of the present material is needed. Applicable in every type of soil. Initially and on the long term high savings can be achieved.
  • It is even possible to use polluted soil material which will be immobilized and converted into a high quality building material. And by binding this normally unusable material you get a useful reuse of materials which traditionally are not to be used anymore.
  • Addition of this additive in the concrete industry has shown to make sense.

The characteristics of this structural system are:

  • Environmentally neutral – forever.
  • Both high compressive and flexural strengths.
  • A long design life to meet the needs of the problem, and
  • The ability to work with nearly all fine-grain soils including organic soils and clays.

Of course we are prepared to inform you in detail about this product and its specific value and applications in your situation.

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