Lead Crystal Batteries

Changing the future

All the RhinoEnergy products are an energy storage solution that integrates the Lead Crystal Battery technology with Schneider Electric’s high performing equipment.

The Lead Crystal Battery is a state of the art product that performs like a lithium battery but without the high cost or negative safety and environmental impacts.

All units can be used as:

  • Back-up for power outages
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • Peak shaving and solar power storage

A solution for any storage need

Through a wide -and varied- range of products, we offer an energy storage solution for every type of need. It ranges from the relatively small 2.3 KWh RhinoEnergy Leisure up to more than 1 MWh RhinoEnergy POD.


RhinoEnergy Leisure

RhinoEnergy Leisure A1 Datasheet RhinoEnergy Leisure A2 Datasheet RhinoEnergy Leisure A4 Datasheet

RhinoEnergy Home

RhinoEnergy Home S4 Datasheet RhinoEnergy Home X4 Datasheet RhinoEnergy Home X8 Datasheet

RhinoEnergy POD

RhinoEnergy POD 32 Datasheet RhinoEnergy POD 40 Datasheet RhinoEnergy POD 64 Datasheet RhinoEnergy POD 80 Datasheet RhinoEnergy POD COMBI 100 Datasheet RhinoEnergy POD COMBI 250 Datasheet

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Lead Crystal Batteries

Lead Crystal Batteries

Green Rhino's mission is to introduce an environmentally-friendly, superior and more cost-efficient  Energy Storage System and Lead Crystal Battery into the global market place. Go to Lead Crystal Batteries >>


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