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LED stands for Light-Emitting-Diode. LED’s can be red, green or blue in colour. The mix of these colours form different shades of ‘white light’, ranging from warm - white light and cool – white light to daylight.

Recent developments in LED lighting means that modern LED’s are now more efficient than modern incandescent light bulbs, and they have many advantages over other light sources.

The benefits of LED lighting:

  • Lower energy consumption
    Lighting is a big part of your electricity bill. The use of LED lighting can reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting by 90%. For the average incandescent lighting, that’s only 60%.
  • Less waste heat generation
    LED lighting produces more light with less energy because it generates minimal waste heat. LED lighting generates only 10% waste heat. Incandescent lighting generates up to 90% waste heat. Even your standard halogen lights can get very hot. LED lights don’t get hot.
  • Greater efficiency
    The initial cost of LED lighting is somewhat higher than other lighting choices, but the incredible energy savings when using LED lighting will earn you back your investment fast.
    LED lights last 50 times longer than incandescent lights. So you’ll have much fewer light bulbs to change!
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