(LED) lighting combined with solar electricity systems for even greater energy efficiency

Reboost-Energy Ltd. incorporate appropriate lighting as an essential part of their philosophy.  After all, light is energy, light is an experience and light, in a way, is life!

lichtoplossingenReboost-Energy Ltd. believes that lighting inside the home should be of the highest possible standard. The right choice of light to create the right mood for each room in your home is just as important as the energy efficiency of the light bulbs. Reboost-Energy Ltd. will help choose the right solution for you.

Did you know that traditional light bulbs are responsible for at least 10% of your yearly electricity use? Reboost-Energy Ltd. offers solar electricity solutions combined with durable LED lighting to give you even greater returns on your investment.

Another big part of your yearly electricity use are your electrical appliances like the fridge/freezer, computers, washing machine/dryer, etc. Reboost-Energy Ltd. offers advice on energy efficient appliances.

LED Lighting is a durable investment; once you’ve found the right lighting, it will pay for itself.

We live in a time where we spend the greater part of our days indoors. Whether it’s at work in an office or coming home at night. Light plays an important role in our well-being.

Reboost-Energy Ltd. offers energy efficient lighting that creates a more natural feel and enhance your well-being. For the workplace, this can have a positive effect on the amount of sick leave and also elevate productivity.

We exclusively use top quality products. Our range of products complies with the highest standards. Our lighting solutions will therefore be well worth the investment. With our wide range of products on offer, we are confident we can deliver customized results that meet all your requirements.

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