Solar Inverter

Omvormers van diverse merken leverbaarThe solar inverter is a critical component of your solar electricity system. Solar panels produce ‘direct current’. Direct current is converted by a solar inverter, into the type of electricity we use in the home and office (‘Alternating Current’). The type of inverter that is required, depends on the type, and amount of, solar panels.

Solar Inverter Efficiency

Your inverter’s efficiency depends on the number of solar panels and it’s capacity. Reboost-Energy Ltd. uses a software to determine what the system’s configuration should be to get maximum efficiency.

The direction of the roof will determine whether or not you can get the absolute maximum efficiency from your solar panels. South-facing roofs have more potential for maximum efficiency than West- or East- facing roofs.

If your roof is partially shaded, for example by a large tree or building, we can select the right inverter suitable for that situation. Inverters are very complex, intelligent devices. Good quality inverters will produce more output and have a longer life span. Good quality may imply higher initial cost, but will give you greater returns.

Position of the solar inverter

The ideal place for a solar inverter is as close as it can possibly be to the solar panels. Shorter electricity cables will minimize the loss of power. In case the inverter can not be installed in an ideal place, the diameter of the electricity cables will have to be adjusted.

Ideally, inverters would be installed indoors, but can be outside if that is required. Always choose a dry, cool place for your inverter as they can get warm.  

Some inverters are not completely silent. This too should be taken into account when choosing the place of instalment.


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