SolarEdge inverters

SolarEdge is the market leader in the optimizer segment. They offer an inverter system consisting of an inverter and a series of optimizers. The application of the SolarEdge system leads to an optimal energy yield every time.

By providing every module with its own optimizer, shadow and many forms of mismatch will no longer have a negative influence on the entire string of solar modules, because shadow or pollution on one module does not affect the other modules.

Other major advantages of the SolarEdge system include:
Optimal energy yield: Application of the SolarEdge system, through MPPT at module level, almost inevitably leads to an optimal energy yield. Because of this, the pay-off time is often shorter and a higher yield is achieved on the investment.

The SolarEdge system guarantees cost-effective maintenance by monitoring system performance at module level and remote problem solving. The SolarEdge system facilitates automatic warnings in case of system problems and offers a (mobile) web portal with virtual presentations of the entire system.

The SolarEdge system makes maximum use of space possible with a minimum design time. Different types of solar modules of different power classes can be applied in different orientation and pitch in a single string.

The system guarantees automatic shutdown of the DC of each module during installation, maintenance and in emergencies.

offers a complete, flexible and safe system, with a standard 25-year warranty on optimizers and a 12-year warranty on inverters. The SolarEdge system is only suitable for solar energy systems consisting of at least 8 solar modules.

Warranty: 25 yrs on optimizers, 12 years on inverters


  • Monitoring on module-level
  • No additional hardware needed
  • Standard coupled to router and ethernetcable
  • Online read out via pc, tablet or smartphone


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