The SISMO Concept

Economic development and urbanization increase the demand for affordable housing in the world. As an innovative industrialized building system, SISMO building technology answers the needs of building promoters, contractors and architects to build fast and cost efficiently with high structural quality.

SISMO combines 20 years of experience in development and application of the SISMO technology with a young and dynamic group of co-workers. Ongoing research and development ensure that our products will continue to exceed expectations.




The SISMO head office is based in Belgium but the SISMO building system is being used internationally in the residential as well as in industrial and commercial construction markets.


Today SISMO already works together with partners around the world for the production and commercialization of SISMO building modules on regional markets. At SISMO, building solid lasting relationships with our partners and customers is just as important as building superior projects.

The SISMO Building Module

The basic structure of the SISMO building system is a three dimensional module. This module is made from a galvanized steel wire lattice. At the exterior sides infill panels are inserted. These panels transform the lattice into a closed structure, which is filled with structural material( concrete). The steel wires also act as armature and anchoring for the finishing material.

The SISMO module is universal and can be adapted to every project, from foundation and cellars up to roof structures. It’s high productivity, it’s brilliant simplicity and modest demands for materials and labour make the SISMO module the perfect solution for every building project.

The SISMO Technology

Over the years SISMO has developed the machines and the software to produce the SISMO building modules as well as the know how for their optimal use. SISMO® not only sells the modules but also the SISMO Production Station (SPS), the machinery and the technology for the production and application of the SISMO building modules.

SISMO offers a complete package for the successful start-up and running of such an SPS. This package includes hardware, software, training of the line operators, training of the SIS-CAD® designer, training of the on-site crew leader, pre-shipment test-runs and on-site support during the installation of the SPS at its location.

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