Special products in the built environment

The market makes a constant change on both social and demographic field. The emphasis is no longer on build volume but on customization. Different than before is the life span of buildings and infrastructure in tandem with the specific customer's demand. In addition to the traditional systems and products in the construction and infrastructure, there are all sorts of other building systems and applications.

Invest in comfort and energy savings is a right choice

Enterprises and public organizations are more and more aware that a sustainable product adds an important contribution to productivity. Also there is a growing awareness that energy consumption needs to go down, prompted by rising energy prices and concerns about the climate. Unfortunately, the willingness to invest in comfort and energy savings in the design stage of a building often stays behind. Considerations in the field of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) play now an important role in the decision-making process. Reboost Energy Ltd. shows you that investing in intelligently, comfort ability and sustainability pays off.

Intelligent solutions for lower costs and higher comfort

With the solutions of Reboost Energy Ltd., you can significantly reduce the TCO of your building (s) and projects. We are leading in the field of renewable energy. Sale and installation of solar systems and led lighting for both private – as well as the business market. We guarantee a competitive price and a very high quality of our products and service.

High-quality construction technology along with a high-quality product stabilization make it possible to realize projects quickly at a price on average 20% less expensive than a traditional solution.

IRFTS Solar Solutions

Solar panels

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Lead Crystal Batteries

Lead Crystal Batteries

Green Rhino's mission is to introduce an environmentally-friendly, superior and more cost-efficient  Energy Storage System and Lead Crystal Battery into the global market place. Go to Lead Crystal Batteries >>


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